CoNZealand Fringe Transcript Hub

During CoNZealand, a group of fans put together a set of panels, which took place outside convention hours, which would be available for free via Youtube and offer a taster of the Worldcon experience to those unable to participate in CoNZealand's programming hours, or hadn't bought a membership but were interested in the kind of content provided. The result was a set of 15 panels over 6 days, archived and available for all at

As a fringe event in the tradition of Edinburgh Fringe and other international collateral events, CoNZealand Fringe was conducted entirely outside core programming hours and spaces, and panels were not official CoNZealand programming. CoNZealand Fringe is not endorsed by CoNZealand.

This page indexes the panel transcripts available on nerds of a feather, flock together, for your convenience. For more information about the panels themselves and links to the video, please check out the main website!

  1. What is Modern Aotearoa New Zealand Speculative Fiction?
  2. Dear WorldCon fandom: Welcome to Booktube
  3. Fanzines Online: Fan publications in the age of social media
  4. Your Fave is Problematic: A Perennial Fandom Dilemma
  5. A New Century of Conversation: What books from 2000 - 2020 will we still be talking about in 2100?
  6. Dragons on a Spaceship: the resurgence of science fantasy and genre-bending fiction
  7. Worlds that Breathe: Interactive Worldbuilding for Games
  8. SFF Awards in the 2010s: A Retrospective
  9. Genre Podcasts: Beyond the Basics
  10. Tubes, Pods, Tweets and Blogs: Fan Criticism in the Digital Age
  11. Best Parts of the Worst Year: Favourite Books & Media of 2020
  12. Making Space for the New: How YA Trends Predict Cultural Shifts in SFF
  13. Sensitivity Reading: What is it, who does it, who needs it?
  14. And There Was Only One Panel: The Joy of Fanfic, or Squeeing About Our Favourite Tropes
  15. Good News on the Horizon: Upcoming Books and Media We Can't Wait For