Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Toys and Novelties

Welcome to our annual Holiday Gift Guide where the flock takes a break from talking about all the awesome and not so awesome things to, well, talk about some more of the awesome things that you might want to consider for your Holiday shopping this year. Today we'll talk about toys and novelties, but throughout the week you will see other things to consider as well (games, apps, movies, and more).

And, as you can see from the first item on this list, everything is awesome and Legos are still the best!

Dean: for the gift to put under your tree
Lego: The Batman Movie set pictured, but any Lego set will do.

by The Lego Group

I say this every year, but you can't go wrong with Legos (shaddup about "the plural of Legos is Lego"). No, seriously, you can't. For anyone under 15, and a large number of people over, this is an easy gift. You can get some perfectly good kits for under $20, or if you want to put yourself in someone's good graces forever, anything from the Ultimate Collector Series is sure to impress, with myriad options in between.

Mike:  For the practical collector

by The Loyal Subjects

There are a wide range of vinyl collectibles on the market and they are great for the budget conscious collector who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg.  What sets The Loyal Subjects apart against the competition is the "action" aspect of its vinyl figures.  Each blind box includes multiple accessories, and there are multiple points of articulation to boot.  Not only do you get the thrill of opening a blind box (who doesn't!), but you get a high quality figure that will really bring you back to your childhood.  They pull on all of your nostalgic heartstrings as any good collectible should, featuring Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe and more.  In addition to looking great on the shelf, they are a blast to play with!  One thing my son enjoys on a daily basis is hanging out in my office and playing with my toys. He is particularly fond of my MOTU vinyls.

Dean: For the adult collector

Star Wars pictured, but lines include Marvel, DC, and many more!
by Sideshow Collectibles

Let's be honest- those of us on this site (Mike and I, anyway) have not abandoned our childhood love of toys. I have shelves in my office dedicated to them, and am in the middle of a Lego project that is no less than 36"x48". Not every gift has to be of the Lego UCS magnitude, but if someone who likes such things and you want to make their holiday, allow me to direct you to Sideshow Collectibles.  Detailed, high-end figures (read: dolls) for every geeky walk. It will set you back a couple hundred, but I guarantee you, it will be worth the smile on my face. I mean theirs. Whatever.

Mike:  For the gift that keeps on giving

Collector Corps Subscription
by Funko

My love of all things Funko is no secret and I was thrilled when they began to offer a subscription box.  There are other subscription boxes on the market, but only one that includes 100% Funko exclusive goodness.  While I am recommending the Marvel Collectors Corps subscription, they also offer DC and Star Wars boxes as well.  I personally love that these boxes only arrive every other month so you don't get too much stuff, and that if you are a Marvel fan you will enjoy every item.  Other subscription boxes include filler that needs to be tossed each month, but with the Funko boxes you get at least one exclusive Pop!, t-shirt, patch, pin, and more.

Dean:  For the toy to cram into a stocking

by Hasbro

Action figures! There is a certain subset of (sub-)humanity who is boycotting Star Wars because of its emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism. I assume you, gentle reader, celebrate this movement instead of oppose it (if not, you are probably on the wrong website). That said, when The Force Awakens came out, there was a problem in the representation among even the most basic of toys. Rogue One is making efforts to correct that, and for under $10, you can stuff a stocking with Jyn, Saw, Baze or any other of the brave Rebels struggling against Imperial tyranny. That sort of ideal might come in handy. You can up to the $20 range for the larger, more detailed "black" series.

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.