Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Joe Abercrombie's FIRST LAW TRILOGY Getting Graphic Adaptation

This just in from Lord Grimdark himself:

It is with the greatest pleasure of which my withered prune of a heart is capable that I announce the release of a project that has been a long time in the pipeline, which is, as many of you may already have guessed, a full colour, comprehensive Graphic Novel adaptation of that pillar of 21st century fantasy fiction: The First Law Trilogy. 
It’s been put together by Rich Young of Blind Ferret, adapted by Chuck Dixon, with art by Andie Tong, colours by Pete Pantazis, lettering and design from Bill Tortolini, all done under the horrifying gaze of my single flaming unblinking eye. I am hugely pleased with the results, which, no lie, have exceeded every expectation.

And guess what?

But the thing that’s of particular interest to me about this project, and probably will be of some interest to you as well, is the method of distribution. Mainly – that we’re giving it away to anyone with an internet connection. 
Yes, you heard me right. We’re serialising it, free, at
The first twelve pages are up there now. You can go look at them. For nothing. And there’ll be new pages added every monday, wednesday, and friday, if things go according to plan, for years to come. And you’ll be able to look at those too. For nothing. The hope is, that when we’ve finally completed this project, there’ll be well over a thousand pages of high quality First Law graphic novel up online. For nothing.

For those who want to read the comics in traditional 22-page form, you can buy issues at ComiXology for the usual $0.99 - 2.99 prices.

Oh, and here's the first installment for your reading pleasure!

UPDATE: SFX has posted an interview with Abercrombie about the graphic adaptation.