Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Morning Superhero

Another week of comics has come and gone and we are left with a great title from Image Comics as pick of the week.  While Hawkeye put up a good fight (might be the best comic design out today), it fell just a bit short of the humor that was infused into Uncanny Skullkickers.

Pick of the Week: Uncanny Skullkickers #1 - I will be the first to admit that I have not read much Skullkickers in the past.  The few issues I cruised were quite refreshing.  Nice tongue in cheek humor, good fantasy elements, interesting cast of characters, and some good action.  For whatever reason I never really got into the title.

This week, author Jim Zub, takes a nice jab at some of the larger publishers by releasing an issue that breaths new life into the series.  "We figured out what our series was missing: Adjectives!" is sprawled across the top of the cover and this issue is a natural jumping on point as it is the "first issue, again!".  

The first couple of pages provide a nice background leading up to the events of this book and we are quickly informed that we are going to be treated to bonus content.  This comic features two stories in one!  In the recap we learn that the Dwarf has drowned and at the bottom of each page there is a panel of him floating in the ocean to verify his status.  He is dead.

Meanwhile, Rex (a man) and Kusia (an elf) are washed up on an Island and scramble for survival.  We are treated to a "good times jungle exploration montage", some evil turtles get "re-extincted", and Rex gets relieves some stress through an inanimate object attack. 

The hook at the end of this book is enough to bring me back for issue #2 and may cause me to go back and read the back issues.  In the end you have a witty book that provides moments of genuine laughter and has an interesting cast of characters.  Throw in some creative baddies and jabs at other publishers and I am on board.

The Rest:
Hawkeye #8 - Bro, the guys in track suits have more reason to hate Clint Barton after the hijinks this month that left Hawkeye in prison, in what is the best looking comic on the market today.

Young Avengers #2 - I am guessing that the Young Avengers have not watched Fringe as they don't appear to know the risk of saving someone from another dimension and the impact it might have.

Deadpool Killustrated #2 - Lacking the charm of the first issue, it still entertained and a gauntlet including Beowulf and Mulan spearheaded by Sherlock Holmes is waiting for Deadpool in issue #3.